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Naked Juice
now owned by Pepsi, previously owned by California Day-Fresh Foods/Chiquita Brands

California Day-Fresh Foods is a fresh food manufacturer and distributor. Naked Juice, Ferraro's and Chiquita were their three lines of juices when I worked for the company.

The foundation for building the brand was determined by understanding the customer. We did this by conducting a wide range of research, including focus groups, in-store testing and telephone surveys. We were lucky. The brands carried very strong emotions, and we built programs to tap into these emotions.

In addition to traditional advertising, we utilized many guerilla tactics. This included our own highly trained, enthusiastic health food lovers, who had a passion for communicating our message. We participated in targeted events and gave out samples in thousands of stores.

Further, we combined two trends - fresh juice with the hottest herbs and vitamins. These are called functional foods, or nuetracuticals. One example is Naked Juice Green Machine that is juice combined with 11 superfoods. This quickly became the top selling blended juice in the company's 45 year history. We also created an entire line of functional foods under the Ferraro's Earth Juice label. These products were pioneers in the functional food category.

While at California Day-Fresh, we also opened a chain of juice bars. Our "Naked Juice Bars" helped build the image and awareness of the brand. You can visit one at terminal one at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Feel free to visit their web site at www.nakedjuice.com

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