Direct Response

Direct response is one of the most effective, yet under utilized marketing techniques. It is 100% measurable and therefore accountable. The hottest area yielding the best ROI is 1:1 Database Driven Personalized Communications. Most programs are directly tied into carefully designed web site jump pages to increase conversion.

  • Key Direct Response Areas:
  • Personalized Direct Mail – database driven
  • Personalized Email
  • Advertisements
  • List Rental
  • Database Analysis & Mail Prep

Search Engine Optimization

Stallman Marketing specializes in low cost techniques to drive targeted traffic to your web site. Tactics can include building high quality links and customized jump pages. The basic SEO programs are also available. If potential customers use the Internet to search for your offering, specialized SEO programs will often provide you with the highest ROI out of any of your marketing expenditures.


Strategic: Company & Brand Positioning

This is the heart of your future. Positioning your company and brand is the key to maximizing your advertising. If your position is not correct, you are wasting a portion of every advertising dollar. At Stallman Marketing we make sure that you have a fully integrated program to represent your products or services.

Services Available: Strategic Planning / Product Development / Collateral Materials / Printing / Customer Service Programs / Promotions & Sweepstakes / Sales Structures / Public Relations.


Marketing Tactics Based on Maximizing ROI

Stallman Marketing is focused on identifying the activities that will yield the strongest ROI. There is no one set formula. Tactics are determined based on your objectives and current market conditions.



Focus Groups / Attitude, Awareness & Usage / Exit Interviews / Telephone Surveys / On-line Programs / Scanner Data Analysis / Panel Data Analysis.

We help you understand what motivates your customer. Stallman Marketing will design customized proprietary research to identify the emotional and non-emotional factors that your customers use when making their buying decisions. We also review your past research and locate third party research to identify strategic opportunities.


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New Customer Acquisition Programs

Growing companies need new customers. But how do you identify them? Stallman Marketing will design a custom program to attract your target customer, and then convert them into sales and profits. There are exciting new techniques that use traditional tactics that can make a big difference to your bottom line.


Customer Loyalty Programs

This is the heart of your future. Customers should be considered golden and treated that way. Our loyalty programs focus on three areas:

1. Keep your customers
2. Gain more sales from your customers by increasing the average order size and increasing their order frequency
3. Gain referrals from your customers
Internet Services
  • Web Site Development
  • Search Engine Optimizations Emphasis on Link Programs
  • E-Commerce Permission Marketing
  • Opt-in Email Programs
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Increase Average Transaction Programs
  • Domain Creation
  • Trademark Registrations

Stallman Marketing is committed to the future of the Internet. We believe the Internet provides the ideal platform to build relationships with your customers. Stallman Marketing can build your site, or modify your existing site to reach your goals. If you don't have a sound program to capture every web site visitor, you are missing out on the single most powerful Internet feature! We will create a program to convert your visitors into your buyers.

  • Direct Mail
  • Mass Media
  • TV, Radio & Print Production
  • On-Line
  • Public Relations
  • Guerilla Tactics
  • Trade Shows
  • Events

We have worked with all forms of advertising. At Stallman Marketing, we review your needs and develop a plan that meets your goals and maximizes your budget. We can often produce commercials significantly lower than a traditional agency.


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Computer Industry
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Trade Organizations

The computer industry understands the power of professional marketing programs. Stallman Marketing has helped these companies grow in the areas of strategic planning, fund raising, new customer acquisition, SEO, database driven personalized marketing, loyalty programs and more.

Food Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Foodservice
  • Distribution
  • Quick Serve
  • Beverages
    • Frozen
    • Natural
    • Functional
    • Produce
  • Confections
    • Sales Structures
    • Broker Networks

We are highly experienced in all aspects of food marketing. We can take your product from concept, through product development, to national distribution.



Department Stores / Quick Serve / Club Stores / Mass Merchants / Specialty Retailers

We have developed marketing programs to target key retailers throughout the United States. Let our experience work for you.


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